Creative Expertise


I have over 15 years of combined experience in video production and editing. My career started in TV news as a photojournalist/editor where I worked daily in the field to shoot, edit and deliver news stories to air. I then transitioned into a corporate video production environment creating marketing content such as video testimonials, product overviews and fitness workout videos to name a few.


Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always had a camera in hand. It was only a matter of time before I took my passion and turned it into a career.  From traveling around the world capturing my own experiences, to working in photo studios shooting marketing products, I have developed skills that can be applied both in the field and in studio.


“Brian has been helping us, here at DoctorInsole, create a library of video content over the last several months. He has patiently walked us through the process and taken this project from start to finish. With complete creative freedom and using some of our visions, he has given us an assortment of videos we couldn’t be more proud to have. Brian would be a valuable asset to anyone looking to have video content created.”
Scott Rosenthal
Scott Rosenthal Vice President at DoctorInsole®
“Brian Rose worked for me directly at efi Sports Medicine as the Video Production/Editing Manager. In this role Brian excelled as he took video projects from concept to final cut. He can work independently when needed without much direction. I could always rely on Brian to provide me with a no-nonsense solution to a challenge, and most of the time, because of his wide range of experience, he was right on target. Brian has the unique ability to shoot quality video while keeping a focus on the content goals, post-production needs, and budgets. When it comes to shooting talent, Brian has a gift of making even the most amateur actor feel comfortable, always resulting in the best content possible. Brian would be a valuable asset to any creative team.”
Chris Galvan
Chris Galvan Print Production Supervisor at HD Supply
“Brian is dedicated to his profession and, because of that, an extremely talented video production editor. I would highly recommend Brian to any organization.”
Jeff Medve
Jeff Medve Internal Project/Program Manager at Hewlett Packard